• To provide a scheduled , comprehensive , holistic and clinically effective physiotherapy service through evidence based practice to both the in and out patients, in accordance with the professional standards of physiotherapy  practice.
  • To provide a rehabilitative programme, using latest technology by skilled professionals, so as to ensure the community  with a life of less disability and a high level of independence.
  • To expand  physiotherapy services to all disciplines of medicine, extending to all levels of community to enhance the quality of life based on  promotion ,preventive, rehabilitative and curative medicine.



  • Light  therapy.
  • Electrotherapy
  • Chest Therapy
  • Exercise  Therapy
  • Ice Therapy
  • Gait Therapy
  • Diagnostic Procedure
  • Thermal Agent
  • Cryo-therapy
  • Support
  • Special Test
  • Special Techniques
  • Mechanical Therapy
  • Patient Education
  • The provision of physiotherapy treatment in the wards for patients who  cannot be moved to the physiotherapy unit.
  • The unit shall function during normal working hours.



  • The electrotherapy machines and Physiotherapy treatment shall be manned by trained physiotherapist.
  • All patients undergoing physiotherapy treatment shall be referred by the doctor.
  • The unit shall not segregate patients by race or gender.
  • Patients may contact the unit outside of their scheduled appointment if they have any problems.
  • Patients are encourage to wear t-shirt and track bottom when undergoing physiotherapy treatment.
  • Next of kin are encouraged to accompany the patients who need help and are unable to be on their own.
  • Health education shall be given to patients from time to time according to their problems.
  • All patients must adhere to their treatment schedule.



  • Physiotherapy treatment shall be at the request of a doctor in the ward.
  • All requests for physiotherapy treatment shall be accompanied by a referral form signed by the doctor.
  • The nursing staff shall notify the physiotherapy unit by dispatching the referral form and the physiotherapist shall visit the patient in the ward.
  • The patient shall be assessed by the physiotherapist who shall decide whether treatment shall be given in the department or in the ward.( Refer Standard Of Physiotherapy Practice).
  • If the treatment is to be carried out in the physiotherapy unit , the patient shall be sent and taken back from the unit by the ward staff.
  • The physiotherapist shall record the date , findings and the treatment done in the patient’s BHT at each visit. The date and type of treatment shall also be recorded in the charge form at each visit.(Refer Fee Ordinance Act 1982 and all related updated circulars on charges).


  • Outpatients shall be referred to the unit from three main sources :

    –   Units within the hospital

    –   Health Centres

    –   Specialist Hospital

  • All requests for physiotherapy treatment shall be accompanied by a referral form, signed by the doctor.
  • Appointments shall be made on a date and time basis at the time of the first appointment.
  • The physiotherapy unit shall operate on an Block Appointment System .
  • The patient shall be assessed and duration of treatment given accordingly.(Refer Guidelines For The Use Of Physiotherapy Assessment Form)
  • The result of any physiotherapy treatment shall be issued to the doctor upon the doctor’s request or if the physiotherapist deems it necessary.
  • The Physiotherapist shall make the decision whether the patients who are already having therapy are fit to carry out rehabilitation in the unit.
  • The Infection Control of the hospital shall be strictly adhered to.
  • The patient shall be charged in accordance to the Fee Ordinance Act 1982 and all other related updated circulars on charges
  • All patients receiving physiotherapy treatment shall have a physiotherapy treatment card which shall be retained in the department for a period of seven years. (Refer “Garis panduan untuk Penyimpanan Rekod Perubatan”).
  •  In case of emergency of any life threatening collapse, the A & E department  of the Hospital will be alerted by the Physiotherapy Unit.